The 7th Session of Music with Alyssa is specifically for parents and caregivers to get the most fun out of music! 
This is the 7th session in the series of 8.  This week and next week’s sessions are especially designed for parents/caregivers to help them guide their children in their musical fun and learning. These music sessions are designed by a music therapist to help parents/caregivers encourage kids to be part of the music by singing, moving, and creating your own lyrics to songs.

Alyssa provides instructions during each song to guide you on making choices, learning movements, and following the lyrics. Pre-school children may need more assistance to follow directions: such as hand over hand help to show them motions, pausing the video while the child makes a verbal choice, or repeating a favorite song to give them more time to learn. Elementary school children are likely to do more of the activities independently. No instruments are needed to participate, but if you have noise makers at home (shakers, drums, etc.), that’s another fun way to play along with the videos!

Please enjoy this music class and let your library know what fun you and your children have making music in each session.

Music Class Session #1

Music Class Session #2

Music Class Session #3

Music Class Session #4

Music Class Session #5 

Music Class Session #6


Music with Alyssa #7