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Falconer Central School History and the surrounding community is a topic of great interest!  It is important that we preserve this information for future generations to enjoy.

The subject of one-room schoolhouses is something we would, at the current time, like to explore.  Prior to the centralization of these small schoolhouses, in most small-town schools, all students met in a single room.  Generally, a single teacher taught the basics of education to several grade levels at the same time.

Around the late 1940’s, one-room schoolhouses located in the areas of what is now the Falconer Central School District, began centralizing.  Schools in Ross Mills, Levant, Kennedy, Poland Center, and Wilson Hollow, to name a few, began to close.

Recently, students in Mr. Franzen’s Technology Classes, constructed two beautiful showcases to display archived material.  These showcases are located in the Superintendent’s Office and Board of Education Room at the Middle High School.  We are hoping to add information about the one-room schoolhouses, in addition to other historical items.

We are currently seeking photos/information/memories, etc. from this era.  If you have anything you would be willing to share, please contact any of the following persons:

Sue Seamans, Librarian, Falconer Public Library
Brenda Cavallaro, Falconer Historian

Phone: 716-665-3504

Julie Zahm, Secretary to the Superintendent, Falconer Central School

Phone: 716-665-6624 option 4